My sulu career

Or why I waste my time doing open-source development.

Once upon a time

Every good story starts with this phrase - also mine. Some years ago - just got my bachelor degree - I searched for a job besides my master Studium. Because of my thesis - which let me dive into web-development - I wanted to learn more about it. So I decided to apply for a job in a web-agency.

The biggest one in my hometown was "Massiveart" - I barely know nothing about them. The only thing I knew was that they develop their own "Content-Management-System" - which I never used, far less knew how it was called.

When I look back, I was very blue-eyed. I had done some smaller projects with symfony and I tried to rebuild the framework because I was really disappointed about it (: such a shame.

My first job Interview

After a few days - quite fast when I compare it with other companies - I get the invitation to a job interview. The first job interview of my live. All the jobs before I get because I knew someone - quite funny story.

I arrived a few minutes too early in the office and I was welcomed by Kate. She asks me for a coffee and I agreed - I LOVE COFFEE.

The application interview was held by Thomas - which I read before was something like the technical project-lead. He was very nice and asks me a lot of stuff about my further projects. After the interview I was hired and so proud (:

On this day I heard the first time about "Sulu".

My first sulu commit

The first few days at work were very exciting. Daniel and Thomas already started bootstrap the application and my first commit (done on Tue Aug 20 2013 17:04:54) was just a little small thing initiating a testcase for the TranslateBundle.

But I got a motivation boost.

My first Conference

In the year 2014 I had the chance to attend the conference Symfony Live in Berlin. It was my first conference. The conference was fabulous and hindsight, I can say this day was the day where I was infected with the open-source virus.

My first very own open-source project

I started with lots of smaller projects. None of them was successful and most of them were deleted some days after starting them. But Sulu grows and with it also my urge grows to start my own successful project. It takes nearly a year until I get a good idea.

In the year 2015 we had lots of troubles with task-scheduling - we have used Gearman or other systems to schedule background tasks. My idea was to schedule and run tasks in the same environment as the application. After a few commits and a few features I lost the motivation to finish the project (read more about the current state of the project here).

I learned something about open-source projects: Motivation has a shorter half-time period than any project needs.

Because ...

All of this "first timer" and the whole time working at Sulu - with fabulous people - are bits in a puzzle which let me love open-source, the community and all the hours working on something anyone will

  1. use - or maybe not
  2. find it useful - or maybe not
  3. fork and contribute to - or maybe not
  4. create issues for it - or maybe not
When I think about it maybe its a bit of a schizophrenic - but hell yeah I AM LOVING IT.
i am loving it
And yes I love giphy